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No matter if it’s gear to boost your iLvl or glamorous items for a mount or food, Eorzea’s main currency, FFXIV Gil, can help make shopping enjoyable and profitable. There are various methods of earning Gil in Eorzea; some more effective than others.

FFXIV features more small Gil sinks built directly into its core gameplay than some other games, including using Dark Matter to repair items, selling untradeable dungeon gear on the Market Board, and purchasing aetheryte materials to resell.

Completing quests and dungeons

Leveling classes and obtaining powerful weapons and armor require an enormous amount of gil, which can be earned by completing quests, dungeons, guildleves and PvP battles. Players may also make money selling items on the Market Board for a profit but do so at your own risk as other players can easily undercut you and outshout you!

Enemies in the game drop a small amount of Gil upon defeat, and this base amount increases as you progress through the game. Certain dungeons such as Palace of the Dead and Heaven on High can even provide bonuses in terms of extra buy ffxiv gil or special loot that is worth selling off to help increase profits further.

Gatherers can make significant sums by collecting materials and selling them on the Market Board. Unfortunately, this process can be time consuming and not suitable for most players.

Selling items on the Market Board

Market Board is an excellent way for players to earn Gil in this game, but you must know how to utilize it efficiently in order to maximise profit. Items dropped by enemies often aren’t worth selling and other players may undercut your prices in an effort to sell their own goods quicker.

Careful monitoring of market prices could save you thousands in the long run.

Being well-funded allows players to play the game their way. A large sum of gil enables players to move around freely, purchase catchup gear for new content releases and stock up on consumables for high-end raiding; and it enables them to easily purchase housing plots or join a competitive guild.


Crafting is one of the best and most reliable ways to earn gil in Final Fantasy XIV, yet can be time consuming; however, its rewards can be high. Crafting can especially profitable during a new patch’s initial week when demand for high-level gear increases dramatically.

Players can earn gil by completing leves. While the amounts earned may seem inconsequential at first, their cumulative effect can quickly add up; those who effectively utilize their leve allowance can generate hundreds of thousands of gil in just one week!

Other methods for earning FFXIV gil include completing FATEs and Duties, selling items on the Market Board and participating in battle content such as raids and dungeons. Furthermore, some players enjoy running treasure maps, which can be particularly profitable early in a patch when enemy spawn rates and loot drop rates are high.


Gathering is one of the more time-intensive methods of earning Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. This involves killing enemies and searching for treasure maps which can then be sold or redeemed for rewards; this strategy works best just before patches when new items and nodes become available at higher prices.

Players can earn FFXIV gil through daily hunts, daily roulettes and Tribal quests; each method provides an additional small source of Gil for completion.

But the best way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is player housing. While its system may not improve before Endwalker releases, player housing still provides gamers with an excellent way to generate Gil.


As in any MMO, Gil is an essential resource that enables you to enjoy the game however you like. Use it to teleport around at will or purchase catchup gear to move through content quickly.

Your Gil reserves give you the ability to purchase high-end gear that allows your character to take on tougher content without spending as much time grinding or leveling up. This is particularly beneficial for combat classes which offer various means for making Gil.

Combat rewards players with FFXIV gil when they kill enemies and open treasure chests, with amounts depending on each monster’s level and increasing by killing multiple foes.



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