Modern Living Room Table Sets: Elevate Your Contemporary Space

Our living room has gotten a major upgrade. Finally, add a Modern living room table sets ! After living without furniture for over three years, it was time to invest in new furniture. Old coffee table was beautiful (it’s no longer sold, but it was a very round coffee table from Crate & Barrel). When Rory was born, we moved him into the basement to create more floor space in the living room for play. Then Ellis came, and we still needed space to play and lie down. While we were working on moving this Table back upstairs, our basement flooded, and then we had to say goodbye to this beautiful Table.

Organic Modern Living Room Style

Almost a year after the flood, we finally agreed it was time to put the coffee table back in this living space. Yes, the kids still play here, but now they can actually use the Table to draw and do puzzles. They no longer require as much floor space as they did when they were used for rolling, crawling, and walking.

My Top Tips For Creating A Cohesive Home

So you’ve been wanting a new Modern living room table sets.  Yay! But how do you find the right coffee table? Ours We had to make a  list of Modern living room table sets ideas to find the best one for your small space. The coffee table is the focal point of the living room, so I wanted to choose a table that would be perfect for my family and blend in with the rest of the room.

Choosing My Coffee Table

Criteria Our Cozy Organic Modern Living Room Last year, I added a new side table to the family room. And you came to mind when I was thinking about how to buy something large for my home. Before we started shopping, we discussed how we would consider the shape, style, materials, and profile of the pieces. Once you’ve set up these must-have items, you can shop using more refined filters. You can read the full article here. I don’t know how professional interior designers do it, but my unscientific formula seems to work for me. A neutral sofa in an organic modern living room. First of all, it’s the shape. Look at your living room as a whole and think about what shape you want it to have. My sofa has a lot of straight lines, and so does the chair by the front window. Considering the balance of straight lines, I think a coffee table with rounded edges is best. Plus, if you have kids, rounded edges are always a good idea.

Don’t Forget To Consider Size Too.

As for the coffee table, you should consider the length of the sofa and choose a table that is half the width of the sofa. This helps filter out tables that are too small or too large. Also, make sure there is enough space to create a walkway between the sofa and the Table. Our Organic Modern Living Room Next,  decide whether you want it to be ‘airy’ or ‘grounded.’ For example, the legs of our sofa are low to the ground, so it has a very good grounding. The round Table next to it has clear legs and is “breathy”. I think more airy pieces are the best way to complement a sofa.

Next Is The Material And Color Of The Coffee Table.

Since we already have a glass side table (which, by the way, is impossible to keep clean), I didn’t feel like buying a glass coffee table. This room also has a marble side table, so I thought I wouldn’t have to buy natural stone again. In the end, we chose wood to allow for a variety of materials to be used in this area.

Our Organic Modern Living Room Style

When it comes to color, I thought a black coffee table would look best in this room. I always like to incorporate touches of black into my rooms, and here, I’ve used a black dining chair, a black table lamp, and a black base for the side table. Adding more black seemed like a smart choice. While shopping, I came up with a list of my favorite living room coffee table ideas. Most of these don’t fit the specific parameters of my living room, but they might work in your home. I wanted to incorporate different shapes (I love this rectangular coffee table), materials (this wooden Table is so beautiful), and styles (this modern burl coffee table is amazing!).

New Wooden Coffee Table My Best Ideas For A Living Room

Coffee Table: In the end, I chose this one from Joss & Main. This coffee table is truly perfect for our space. A cute oval black wooden table with rounded edges. The legs feel airy and grounded at the very same time. The legs are pretty meaty, but there is still  space in the middle of the Table (and my kids now like to hide under the legs!).

My Best Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

The coffee table is very easy to assemble, and I think it fits very well with the current living room design. Like the rest of our home, it definitely has an organic and modern style.

Tips For Designing A Coffee Table

Here are some styling tips and coffee table ideas. This is how I would design this coffee table if I didn’t have small children at home. Maybe you’ll find some ideas you can implement in your own living room. Here are some of my favorite Modern living room table sets ideas.

Setting the Basics: Adding a Stack of Books to the Coffee Table

Start with the basics, like a stack of books or a large tray. These will help ground the space, and you can place other decorative items on top of them. I chose a round tray to balance out the straight lines of the coffee table books.

Adding Natural Elements Adding Potted Plants to Your Coffee Table

It’s always a good idea to add some life with potted plants or vases of fresh flowers. If you want to have different heights on your coffee table, you can decorate it with vases or branches. I chose a plant for this new white pot. When decorating, I often group them in odd numbers. Here, you can see how the books, trays and plants fit together to form three large groups.

Cute and Practical Decorative Items

On top of the stack of books, I placed a golden decorative box to store the remote control. I  love using decorative boxes to store practical items. Especially if you keep losing your remote control. Scented candles and lighters (this is my favorite) are also welcome. Candles create ambiance, and lighters remind you to light a fire, even if you’re just sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show. Add Polaroid Photos to the Table Finally, I placed some Polaroid photos on the round tray. These show personality and are fun for guests to browse during their visit. I also like to keep a pile in a wooden bowl in my living room for easy access.



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