Best Remedies To Strength Your Nails

Every woman wants healthy and strong nails but in today’s situation, it is difficult to achieve it. For a beautiful look having healthy nails is important. Whenever you meet people their attention will go to your nails which will negatively impact you. It becomes important to take care of your nails as grow healthy and stronger. Nails problem is often seen in many women who have busy lives such as working women, or college-going girls. In this blog, we will discuss about cause of unhealthy nails, some home remedies, and Hair Skin And Nail Gummies that are beneficial for nails. Let’s get started.

Cause of unhealthy nails

As per healthcare experts, unhealthy nails fall into two categories: dry nails and soft nails. Dry nails are caused by the lack of moisture, which this mainly caused by too much washing and drying nails. On the other side soft nails, cause an excess of moisture that is often exposed to detergents, cleaners, and nail polish removers. Now you get some idea about the reason for unhealthy nails. Let’s continue and learn some home remedies that help to solve nail problems.

Home remedies for healthy nails

  1. Coconut oil mask:- In coconut oil, healthy fats are stored that provide deep moisturization. If you apply it daily on your nails then it provides deep moisture, and strength and nourishes weak and brittle nails. This oil also promotes nail growth, and blood circulation, and retains moisture on nails. Daily you can use 1-2 tablespoons on your nails and massage it for 5 minutes two times a day.
  2. Lemon juice soak:- Lemon is loaded with vitamin C which is powerful antioxidants that remove free radicals. By removing free radicals the chances of getting damage to nails from free radicals will be reduced, and as a result, promote nail growth. Daily soak cotton in lemon juice and swipe on your nails. Do this every single day and wash with your warm water.
  3. Honey:- Honey helps to fight against bacteria and fungal growth and keep nails healthy. A combination of honey and lemon juice will keep nails hydrated if you apply daily on nails and do massage. After applying, if you resin off, you will get bright, stronger nails over time.
  4. Use of supplement:- In the market, many health supplements are available but Biotin Gummies are the best. This gummy is loaded with all the essential nutrients that are required to make healthy nails. On Arechar Nutra it is avalible.

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