Are YouTube ads good for kids?

Like us adults, YouTube is also a great source of entertainment for kids. Kids not only can watch their favorite cartoons on youtube, but they can also watch educational content. Nowadays, kids of all ages generally use youtube to watch in their free time, and many businesses have perfectly seized the opportunity by using the platform to reach their target audience, the kids.


Many kids-related brands use YouTube ads to promote their products and services to kids. Thus, the persons sometimes ask th question of whether the ads their kids are watching on YouTube are safe for them. They have concerns about their child’s safety, what kind of ads youtube presents to their kids, and whether or not these ads are appropriate for them.


Safety of youtube ads for the kids


Youtube is highly concerned for its audience irrespective of age group and ensures they create guidelines to made this platform safe for everyone. Several measures are being implemented by YouTube to protect children from any inappropriate advertising and content. 


Several changes were also made to the platform, including creating a better platform for kids known as Youtube Kids. This separate platform was designed especially for children and as a much safer platform.


The content available on Youtube Kids is presented much stricter and is full of advertising policies. On this platform, a business can only advertise its platform if it complies with the Yputube policies making it a safe product to advertise. Restrictions are made on any ad which may be inappropriate for the children. 


No product promotion occurs, which may not be suitable for the kids. Also, with the help of Youtube targeting options, advertisers can ensure that their ads are shown to their target audience with similar interests and appropriate ages.


Several advantages of Youtube Kids


One of the many advantages of the Youtube Kids platform is that they are a great source of education and entertainment for kids. Many businesses create engaging and fun ads for young audiences and promote their products safely. 


For example, a toy company creates ads that showcase the toy’s various features in such that it’s entertaining for the kids, appropriate for them, gets them to learn something new, and advertises their product.


There can also be another example of fun and safe advertising for the kids, such as a children’s book publisher may create an ad that features animated characters from one of their latest books. 


Thus, in this way, they encourage the children to read their books, learn something new, and visit their website, increasing their web visits. Also, the whole advertising process is safe for the kids; thus, its benefits both the parties involved, the kid and the book publishing company.


Also, with this platform’s help, kids and their parents can discover new educational products and services that may be useful. Such as, an enthusiastic gaming kid may see an ad for a new game on the platform which they may never hear of before, and now as they see the ad, they can check out that game. This opens the gate to many opportunities for the kids, which may help them develop essential values and beliefs.


So we can say that YouTube Kids are provided a platform to both advertisers and the kids and their parents; in a way, this platform benefits all of them. The kids learn about new products and services safely through this platform. 


On the other hand, ‌ advertisers get a platform specifically designed for their target audience to take advantage of this opportunity and advertise their products to the right people. In this way, all of their advertising campaigns work much more effectively.


Working With Youtube kids


The platform Youtube Kids deals with more than 20 million users in a week. This makes it another successful platform venture, and for all of the good reasons. As the name suggests, this platform is designed to provide audiovisual content and is specially designed for kids.


This platform is designed to meet the needs of children in the age group of two to twelve years old. With the help of this platform, parents can control what their kids will watch. This platform is also an excellent place for advertising for people who have kid-friendly products as on this platform; they get the attention of the kid and the whole family of the kid.


The YouTube kids are highly focused on what kind of ads they show on their platform, and to make it a safe place for the kids, they use a dual filtration system. First of all, they have their filter, which decides whether the content is appropriate for the kids or not with the help of machine learning algorithms and a manual sieve that respects the application places of the platform,


Then another filter gives absolute power to the parents as they design this filter according to themselves by customizing what kind of videos will be shown in their child’s feeds. Using this feature, they can create individual profiles for their kids, restrict particular searches, block other inappropriate videos, and limit the time the kids can use Youtube, Kids.


Also, to make youtube kids and youtube ads a safe place for the kids, certain kinds of content, features, and ads are disabled from the platform. Also, every ad shown to kids on this platform is reviewed explicitly by youtube teams and then shown on the platform. This also encourages the advertiser to care for kids and appropriate ads for the platform, making it a safe place for the kids.


So we can say that overall due to so many guidelines enabled on the platform, Youtube ads are safe for kids. Thus it can be used as an excellent source of education and entertainment for kids. Children can also use this platform to discover new products and services. The main goal of this platform is to promote positive messages and values among the kids.


Also, the business promoting their products on these platforms ensures that they are responsible in advertising their products and that whatever product or service they promote is appropriate for the younger audience. Advertisers can also take the help of YouTube targeting options to create ads that can help them reach their target audience, thus making their advertising campaigns much more effective. These advertising campaigns will be make by authority sites http://buyyoutubeviewsindia.in. You can contact them for ads.



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